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Round: about 19 cm in diameter
Rectangle: about 20 x 28 cm (A4)
Square: about 20 x 20 cm


Potato starch, vegetable oil, water, E102, E110, E122, E133, E151, E422, E202, E330
Both paper and ink are approved for food production!
Lactose, egg & gluten-free product!


1. Apply the image at least one hour before serving!
2. Should be eaten within 24 hours!
3. The image can be placed in many types of surfaces: Både papper och färg är godkända för livsmedelstillverkning!
Laktos-, ägg- & glutenfri produkt!
3.1 Best results are achieved with cream!
If used on a marzipan base, it takes a little longer for the image to melt into the cake. If marzipan pad feels dry on the surface you can paint with some water, but do not leave any "puddles" left!

4. Apply image on the cake carefully! Starting from the middle and drop down to the edge. If there are any bubbles, then press a finger to the top! Ironing above the surface can lead to that the picture may break!
5. Decorate the cake with liquor or fruit to hide picture edges! Soon has the picture melted into the cake and impairs neither cake flavor or texture!